Best course I've taken! - Rob M.

Just a quick thank you for a great Sport Psychology course! Although I cannot say I'm an athlete, I've learned a lot. The Tik Tok videos were fun and added a lot to the class. All work is done and actually had fun doing it. Coach give me the ball. LOL Thanks for a cool semester and learned some cool things in this class that I'll utilize at work and in my personal life. Thanks so much for the offer. It would be great to be able to keep in touch with you. I could definitely use the guidance. I’m really interested in the Sports Psychology field.


Transformed my mental outlook of the game! - Abid M.

I do not have a background in sports psychology which makes my testimonial resonate with those people who may be intrigued by the course content but want an opinion from an outsider perspective. I play sports on a frequent and competitive basis with friends. Basketball is my sport. I was never the best athelete but not the worst. Known for my hard work and intensity on the court but I would lose confidence in my skills after a few tough calls going against me or my shots not falling on a certain day. I can say without a doubt that the course transformed my mental outlook of the game to harness my thoughts and not allow them to get the best of me. The course was fun and engaging and providing in depth analysis on many aspects of mental sports psychology that I was not aware of. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to better their game, become a better performer or overcome mental barriers.


Sapna S.

I have a background in psychology so my expectations for the course were very high. I started to watch the course thinking there is no way, I could be taught something new in my own area of expertise. However, was I wrong! I learned so much from Dr. Joe and have applied it to my own personal circumstances in life. This is hands down one of the best courses I have taken and I can say without a doubt that every penny is worth it.
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How can I get so much for so little?   The engine that drives our method, “be aware, embrace, let go,” applies to a broad spectrum of issues that athletes and performers face.  While not easy, it is very simple. The exercises in this course are designed to give you this tool. If performed with passion, these exercises will produce the desired changes you need to achieve all of your goals. 

Once mastered, these tools are not separate and disjointed like the tools in a workshop! On the contrary, they result in a seamless, fluid, and new way of life. This way of life brings value to everything you do. In the short period of time this course takes, with the guidance and teaching in “Mindful Sport Psychology for Athletes and Performers,” you too can benefit from these powerful tools, lifestyle, and way of thinking. In other words, this course is more than just tips and tricks. This course gives you a foundational understanding of the research that has been developed and applied for decades producing success in athletes and performers on a consistent basis.

For less than the cost of one office visit with an experienced practitioner in sports psychology, you can get the benefits of this study and this discipline. Indeed, this course is a great introduction to get ready for the work with Dr. Havlick. Once you have a solid foundation and understand the concepts of Sport Psychology, working one to one with Dr. Havlick can provide a customized and personalized application of these concepts to you and your situation. There is no substitute for a relationship-based response to your mental and emotional skills needs. This is the recommended process for those athletes and performers intending to take their craft to the next level.

Reduce your chances of injury, achieve new records, and overcome mental barriers today.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Cluster 1

    • Class 1 - Introduction

    • Class 2 - Introduction

  • 2

    Cluster 2

    • Cluster 2 - Class 1 Mindfulness

    • Cluster 2 - Class 2 Happiness

    • Cluster 2 - Class 3 - Fulfillment

    • Cluster 2 - Class 4 - Focus

    • Cluster 2 - Class 5 - Arousal

    • Cluster 2 - Class 6 - Positivity

    • Cluster 2 - Class 7 - Simplicity

    • Cluster 2 - Class 8 - Preparedness

    • Cluster 2 - Class 9 - Grit

    • Cluster 2 - Class 10 Shikantazaa

    • Cluster 2 - Class 11 - Bravery

    • Cluster 2 - Class 12 - Flow

  • 3

    Cluster 3

    • Cluster 3 - Class 1 - Meditation

    • Cluster 3 - Class 2 Meditation (How to)

    • Cluster 3 - Class 3 - Awareness Pt 1

    • Cluster 3 - Class 4 - Awareness (Pt 2)

    • Cluster 3 - Class 5 - Relaxation

    • Cluster 3 - Class 6 - Breathing

    • Cluster 3 - Class 7 - Emotional Regulation

    • Cluster 3 - Class 8 - Shenpa

    • Cluster 3 - Class 9 - Arousal Control

  • 4

    Cluster 4

    • Cluster 4 - Class 1 - Self Talk

    • Cluster 4 - Class 2 - Affirmations

    • Cluster 4 - Class 3 - Cognitive Distortions

    • Cluster 4 - Class 4 - CBT

  • 5

    Cluster 5

    • Cluster 5 - Class 1 - Imagery

    • Cluster 5 - Class 2 - Goal Setting

    • Cluster 5 - Class 3 - Smart Goals

    • Cluster 5 - Class 4 - Goal Maintenance

    • Cluster 5 - Class 5 - Routine

    • Cluster 5 - Class 6 - Attribution Theory

  • 6

    Cluster 6

    • Cluster 6 - Class 1 - Conclusion

Joe Havlick

Before becoming a Ph.D. in sport psychology, Dr. Havlick enjoyed a great education and a fine business career. He earned his engineering degree at the University of Pennsylvania and his MBA at the Wharton School. Then, after working successfully in business, Dr. Havlick pivoted to the real passion of his life — psychological work with young people and especially with athletes. To make that pivot , Dr. Havlick first earned a masters degree in counseling and then a PhD in Sport Psychology. Dr. Havlick served for 25 years as an award-winning guidance counselor of high school students. During this time, Dr. Havlick also thrived as a high school basketball coach: four years for a boys team, four for a girls team. After retiring from his day job as a guidance counselor, Dr. Havlick was able to become a full-time sports psychologist and a part-time adjunct faculty member at Rosemont College. Dr. Havlick has also long been a multi-sport athlete. As a teenager and young man, Dr. Havlick competed formally in basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and track, and informally in many other sports. Dr. Havlick has remained exceptionally active and competitive. Examples of this include continuing to compete at basketball (with much younger men), and completing triathlons (while simultaneously juggling during the running leg)! He maintains a rigorous fitness regimen and a disciplined daily practice of meditation. As a result of all this, Dr. Havlick’s insights about peak performance are informed by much more than his rich academic studies of Sports Psychology and related fields. He draws on experiences from multiple disciplines, decades of athletic competition, and engagement as a coach and counselor. Dr. Havlick has always loved to motivate and educate. He is proud to have mentored hundreds of adolescents, young adults, and leaders. Dr. Havlick’s online work in sports psychology is allowing him to engage with even more amazing high-performers. Last and most important to him, Dr. Havlick is a loving and dedicated family man.

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